PU Binder  

PU Binder (MDI Base) CM-900
Full MDI base Polyurethane resin, one-component, moisture-curing, low solvent content.
   Excellent adhesion to rubber or EPDM crumb. Binder for rubber or EPDM crumb to form a
   cushioned mat.


PU Binder CW-900
PU  resin (TDI Base), contained a little solvent.  Excellent adhesive with PU or rubber granule.
    Binder with PU or EPDM granules for sport ground cushion layer.

  PU Adhesive for Granules   

PU Adhesive for Granules CW-3262(Red)
Two component PU resin . Binder for PU or EPDM granules.  Strong bonding with PU and EPDM granules.  
     CW-3262A : CW-3262B = 2 : 1

  Sealer for Rubber Layer  

Sealer for Rubber Layer CW-2062(White)/CW-2262(Red)/CW-2662(Blue)
Two component PU bonding agent.  Sealant for sport ground and synthetic floors.  Without liquid ability.
    Superior tensile strength and elongation.  Complete waterproofing.  Applicable to any dimension even
 CW-2*62A : CW-2*62B = 2 : 1