PU Sports Surface Base Coating

PU Sport Surface Base Coating (MDI Base) CM-3203(Red)/CM-3503(Green)
Full MDI base Polyurethane resin, two-component.  For PU sport  surface Base Coating.  Weathering
     resistant, excellent abrasion and flexibility.
 CM-3*03A : CM-3*03B = 3 : 1.

PU Sport Surface Base Coating
   CW-3142(Grey)/CW-3242(RED)/CW-3542(Green)/ CW-3642(Blue)

     Two component, solvent-free self-leveling polyurethane coating, chemical reaction curing to be a seamless
     elastomer, designed for using in base coat in PU sports surfaces.  CW-3*02A : CW-3*02B = 2 : 1.