PU Finish & PU Line Marking Paints

Structural Spray Coating CW-828(Red)/CW-858(Green)/CW868(Blue)
Two component PU resins.  For running tracks structural spread on top of the rubber mat.  Porous,
     permeable, excellent weather resistance.


PU Finish (Basic Type)
Two component solvent-borne PU coating, excellent weathering ability and abrasive resistance.      


PU Durable Finish (Basic Type)

Aliphatic two component coating for out door PU sport surfaces.  Non-yellowing durable
   finish and gloss, weathering resistant, excellent abrasion and flexibility.


Non-Yellowing PU Matt Finish CW-8**4
Two component PU coating.  Indoor sport surfaces.  Hardwearing and durable high quality
   eggshell finish.


PU Line Marking Paints-Brush Applied
   CW-802(White)/CW-822(Red)/CW-832(Orange Yellow) /CW-842(Yellow)/CW-852(Green)/

PU finish, Non-yellowing, designed to use on PUR coatings or steel substrate.            



PU Line Marking Paints-Spray Gun Applied
   CW-806(White)/CW-826(Red)/CW-836 (Orange Yellow)/CW-846(Yellow)/CW-856(Green)/

PU coating, long pot life and  shot curing time, non-yellowing.  Applied by spray gun.

IAAF Standard 400M Sport
Surface 8 Lane about 4800m x 5cm
Spreading rate
New Course (PU or EPDM Granule) 0.0375 kg/m Need 12sets
Total:12 x15=180 kg
Old Course (PU or EPDM Granule) 0.03 kg/m Need 10sets
Total:10 x15=150 kg
Prefabricated Rubber Course 0.0188 kg/m Need 6sets
Total:6 x15=90 kg


Non-Slippery Additive  CW-410
Light grey silica powder, additive for PU finish to form non-slippery textured.


Deglossy Additive CW-412
Light weight silica powder, additive for PU Finish to reduce it's glare or brightness.