Acrylic Resurfacer CA-1010  

      Condensed and un-pigmented emulsion, whilst mixing with filler CA-400 in 1 : 4 or 1 : 6 in wt-% to level
      or patch asphalt substrate and well-primed concrete substrate.
      Packing:  CA-1010   20 kg/drum.

                     CA-400    10/20 kg/bag
Application Instructions:
1. Properly prepare working site to be a compact and clean substrate.  Application can proceed only when
          previous coat completely dry.

      2. Leveling: Mix CA-1010 and CA-400 in 1 to 4 wt-%.  Add some water if needed.

      3. Patching: When patch "birdbath" (low or depression area), Mix CA-1010 and CA-400 in 1 to 6 wt-%.

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