Champward PU Sports Surfaces Coatings


Polyurethane Athletic Installation Material CNS Certificate


PU Primer 
     For PU Waterproofing Paints, PU Sealant, PU Sports Surface Coating,
     PU Floor Coating.


PU Binder
     Excellent adhesive with PU or rubber granule. Binder with PU or
     EPDM granules for sport ground cushion layer.


PU Adhesive for Granules
     Binder for PU or EPDM granules.  Strong bonding with PU and
     EPDM granules.


Sealer for Rubber Layer
    Sealant for building.  Without liquid ability.  Superior tensile strength 
    and elongation.  Complete waterproofing.  Applicable to any
    dimension even downward.


PU Sport Surface Base Coating
     For sport ground base coating.  Excellent Resilience and adequate


PU Sport Surface Coating
     For sport ground surface.  Excellent Resilience and adequate


PU Finish & PU Line Making Paints
 PU sport surfaces.  Non-yellowing durable finish, and   
     for sport surface line marking
.  Excellent water resistance and good 
     adhesion to PU and EPDM granule.


PU & EPDM Granule
     For sport ground surface.  Excellent weather resistance, non-slip,
     good abrasion resistance.